Great introductions research paper

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Writing Great Introductions For Research Papers: Steps To Follow

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How do you decide what to write about when confronted with a research paper? You want a focused topic that will make a good paper.

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How to Prepare a Manuscript for International Journals — Part 2. The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation's Official History and Citizenship Website

In this monthly series, Dr. Angel Borja draws on his extensive background as an author, reviewer and editor to give advice on preparing the manuscript (author's view), the evaluation process (reviewer's view) and what there is to hate or love in a paper (editor's view).

For other types of academic writing, including research papers, literature reviews, and summaries, begin with a statement of the problem the paper addresses, followed by background information on the problem and why it is significant.

If you've already planned which order to write the points in the paper, you already know which order to place them in your introductory paragraph. (Hint: it's the same order). You don't have to include every single point, but make sure the important ones get in there.

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Great introductions research paper
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