Research paper on intrusion detection system

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I need good research papers in intrusion detection system. Can anyone send some to me?

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Enhanced Sensor-based Intrusion Detection System Project description There is an increasing demand in systems to be more proactive in terms of security auditing, and to attempt to detect and report on unwanted activities within organizational networks. The aim of this coursework is to create a sensor-based Intrusion Detection System (IDS), which can detect various types.

The paper attempts to identify ways in which a website Honeypot can be used as a detection measure or system and to determine its ability to achieve these goals in ways that are superior to other types of intrusion detection systems.

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I have did a small research work on Intrusion Detection for Cloud and my paper got published in Elsevier and Springer Journal.

Research paper on intrusion detection system

You can view my paper from my profile. Thank you:).

Research paper on intrusion detection system
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